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Muza-chan’s Gate to Japan

The website is a very well documented resource about Japanese culture, music, customs & traditions, history, anime & otaku, sightseeing and much more. Muza-chan's Gate to Japan was launched by Romanian blogger Liliana Florea - a seasoned traveler and regular visitor of Japan - in 2007 as a Japan travel journal written in Romanian. As a result of its rapid…

Uncornered Market

Dan and Audrey - a couple with solid backgrounds in project management and experience in international organizations  - are now a full-time traveling couple who in 2006 left their secure jobs in Prague and started a trip around the world, taking photos and sharing travel stories on their blog. The blog includes travel advice, practical travel guides and stories raging…

Travel Blog Advice

The website offers advice on what you need to know about travel blogging, answering questions like: why you should start a travel blog? which are the ways to set up a travel blog? which are the potential benefits of a travel blog?

Bacon is Magic

When she was 16, Ayngelina Brogan traveled to France for the summer to learn French. After finishing university, she took an internship in the Philippines. Later, she quit her job in Toronto as an Account Director at one of the world’s largest ad agencies to travel to Latin America and around the world. Visit her blog to read captivating stories about living a…

The Planet D

Dave and Deb are a married couple from Toronto, Canada, who have been traveling together through 7 continents, sharing their adventures in blog posts, photos and videos since 2008: cycling through Africa (the world’s longest cycling race), trekking to Mount Everest Base Camp, practicing Yoga in India, exploring Antarctica by kayak, playing with sea lions in the Galapagos, taking stunning…

Beers and Beans

Beth (a professional photographer) and Randy (a professional journalist) are a couple who took the first flight of their round-the-world trip in August 2010 and since then have been to, wrote about and photographed places in the USA, Mexico, the UK, Iceland, France, Italy.


Anil Polat's travel blog aims to teach travelers the tips, tricks and tech they can use to travel smarter, no matter where they go or how they travel. Anil is a former computer security consultant with a goal of visiting every country on the planet.

Owl and Bear

We are digital nomads, traveling, living and working around the world indefinitely.  Join Owl and Bear on their adventures, as they share stories, photos and reveal tips on how to live, work and travel as digital nomads, freely and creatively around the world.

Travel To Sun

Worldwide travel guide, sharing top travel destinations from around the world grouped by continent, personal travel experiences, tips & reviews, food recipes that we recommend and photos from sunny places.

Nomadic Matt’s travel site

Matt started traveling full-time back in 2006. His blog is a travel guide for backpackers featuring tips, advice for over 200 destinations in the world, and practical information for extended travel. The website also features a travel store and a travel videos section that documents Matt's travels around the world.