Mingle Place

Mingle Place

Mingle Place operates 5 specialist boutique hotels with different themes, located in prime locations of Hong Kong:

Mingle Place For the Ming – a Techotel launched in 2005,

Mingle Place At The Eden was launched in 2007 and is discretely located in a quiet side street in Central, downtown Hong Kong, just minutes from the bars and restaurants of Lan Kwai Fong and SOHO,

Mingle Place On the Wing was also launched in 2007 and is located in the center of historic Sheung Wan, with 47 rooms and easy access to key commercial, financial and shopping destinations of Hong Kong,

Mingle Place by The Park was launched in 2008 and is hosted by a vintage, balcony-style, Tong Lau residential building (more than 50 years old) located in Wanchai district,

Mingle Place With The Star was launched in 2009 and is also located in the historical heritage district of Wanchai.


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