A Beginners Guide to Caravanning

Lake Grasmere. Lake District. June 2010.
The caravan parks in the Lake District, located in Cumbria County in the UK, are ideal for those of us who love going on picnics, walking, cycling and hiking. If you are an outdoor kind of person and enjoy the tranquillity of being surrounded by nature, caravanning would be the ideal holiday!

Here are some caravanning tips for beginners:

The Primary Supplies Needed for Caravanning

When caravanning for the first time, there are some essential supplies you will need for the trip. These supplies include:

  • Water containers,
  • A waste water container,
  • Batteries,
  • Gas containers,
  • A water pump for supplying water to the caravan,
  • Bedding items.

Before you head off you should check the weather to determine if it is a good time to go caravanning, and always bring a first aid kit in case someone is injured while on the trip.

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Make Sure the Tyres Are In Good Working Order

Before you go caravanning in one of the caravan parks in the Lake District, you should check the working condition of your caravan’s tyres – if the tyres are even slightly flat you will have problems on the road.

So unless you want to spend all day stranded on the side of the motorway, bring the caravan to a mechanic for a check-up at least three weeks before you head off for your trip.

Have All Cooking Supplies on Hand

Another set of essential supplies that you’ll want to bring with you on a caravanning trip is a set of good cooking supplies; after all, meal preparation is part of the fun – especially if kids are on the trip!

The cooking supplies you will need include:

  • A pressure cooker,
  • A small barbeque,
  • Disposable cutlery,
  • Bottle openers,
  • Can openers,
  • A good cutting knife,
  • Skewers for roasting marshmallows over a fire.

Remember to Bring Outdoor Furniture

Since holidays in the caravan parks in the Lake District necessitate spending a lot of time outdoors, you will want to bring outdoor furniture with you. The outdoor furniture you should pack includes:

  • Folding chairs,
  • Folding tables,
  • Foldable beds,
  • Tents,
  • Sleeping mats and sleeping bags,
  • Outdoor umbrellas.

Sometimes you need some quiet time in the isolated but beautiful regions of the UK, such as the Lake District; and caravanning is an excellent way to relax and unwind after a long week at the office.



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