Adventure Holidays in the UK

For many people, a perfect holiday is spent in plush accommodations, being pampered in a 5-star spa and dining in world-renowned restaurants. For others, if you don’t feel your heart racing every day of your holiday, then it wasn’t perfect at all. These people are out seeking adventure to fill the days of their trip, and if they get to stop for a nice meal on the way back then that suits them just fine.

The UK is full of exciting activities that will get your blood pumping and your heart racing. Maybe even some that make you fear for your life just a little? However extreme you are willing to go, you are sure to find the perfect level of excitement for your adventure holiday in the UK.

Cycle Ride from Coast to Coast

If you drive a car with a bumper sticker that reads “My other ride is a mountain bike,” then you are probably always on the lookout for a great cycling escape. Crossing a country from coast to coast is definitely one trip that will be remembered for a lifetime. Starting at St. Bees and cycling across to Robin Hoods Bay, you can take Sustrans’ route, which is well-signed.

Robin Hood's Bay

Following this path, you get the opportunity to stop in at pubs and inns for lunch and refreshments along the way. If you want to get off the usual path, Santa Cruz bikes are a great choice for cyclists wanting to venture more into the wilderness and solitude.

Sail Around the Country

If you have a lot of vacation time saved up and want to get a view of England that few others have seen, then consider taking a sailing trip around the country. Cruise along the 2,500-mile coastline and go ashore at 60 different stops. The trip starts at the St. Katharine Docks under Tower Bridge. From there, you will venture to Devon, Cornwall, Dublin, Edinburgh and more stops in between. The full trip lasts 12 weeks but you can also opt for shorter runs of just a week or two.

Go Diving in the Orkneys

If you’ve ever wanted to go under the waves along the coast to see what secrets lie beneath, then a scuba trip to the Orkneys where there is a stretch of water called the Scapa Flow. Here lies the final resting place of a German High Seas fleet- four destroyers and seven warships- from the First World War. Get close to the remains of the fleet and explore the marine life that has settled in.

stromness diving boats

Bungee Jump in Cleveland

If you think no vacation is complete unless you get to see your life flash before your eyes, then making a trip to Cleveland to jump off the Transporter Bridge in Middlesborough will make you happy. This is the only bridge in the UK where daredevils can jump headfirst and plunge 200 feet to the Tees.

A trip full of adventure may be just what you need to unwind from the stresses of your everyday life. The UK is full of exciting activities that you can experience and retain full bragging rights for the rest of your life.

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