Australia’s Most Scenic Drives

Australia may be a small continent, but in the context of being a country, it is quite massive! There are so many different types of terrain along the countryside, like grassy fields, beaches, rainforests, snowy mountains, farmlands, and of course, the famous outback deserts. If you want to visit Australia, make sure to spend your time in more than just the big cities, or you’ll be missing out on an authentic and breathtaking Australian experience. That’s why a road trip is one of the most famous ways to travel around this grand and majestic country. Renting a car and cruising through the countryside gives tourists and locals alike the chance to see all the wondrous natural beauty that they won’t be able to see on any other continent.

Ready for the trip of a lifetime? Here’s our list of Australia’s most scenic drives.

Melbourne to Sydney

A road trip from Melbourne to Sydney should be your first goal. You have two major roadway options: you can either drive on Highway M31 through the inland or you can take the longer route by going on Road A440 along the southern coast until you must go north. The coastal route is the most popular though because you get to see the ocean, cliffs, and beaches for half the trip. There are so many beautiful coastal towns and national parks along the way that you’ll never get bored. You’ll see the Blue Mountains National Park and Wilsons Promontory National Park, which are both great family destinations, with tons of walking trails, campgrounds, and plenty of natural sights. You can also see the Australian Alps or visit Philip Island if you’re driving along the coast. And remember that if you need a little extra room, check out a van hire in Melbourne to take you and your family all the way along that route in comfort.

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The Great Ocean Road

Probably the most well-known and beautiful routes in Australia is called the Great Ocean Road. People actually call it the most scenic in the entire world, so if you take it you know you’re in for a treat. The road is 150 miles long and begins at a seaside town near Melbourne called Torquay. From there, it goes all the way to the coastal city of Warrnambool. Along the way you will see Port Campbell National Park’s coastal cliffs, stacks of limestone offshore nicknamed “The Twelve Apostles,” Bells Beach, and Cape Otway National Park. Although you could make this entire drive in one day, you should take your time and enjoy these many once-in-a-lifetime sights.

Nullarbor Plain

If you’re in the southeastern area of Western Australia and want a relaxing road trip with a little bit of remoteness, them Nullarbor Plain is worth the trip. This large stretch of land is hundreds of miles long and is covered with limestone. There are no trees, buildings, mountains, or anything else in sight other than limestone and the open road. It’s quiet, a little bit eerie, but nothing short of spectacular. Be sure to stock up on food, water, and gas while you’re out there.

Passing over the Bass Strait to Tasmania

Most people forget about the Australian state Tasmania because it’s an isolated island 150 miles south of Melbourne. You’ll have to pass over the Bass Strait to get there but once you do, you’ll have so many beautiful sights to see on the island. There are many fast-moving rivers, rocky mountain ranges, glacial lakes, beautiful beaches, historic sites, and national parks. And if you’re lucky, you may get to spot the famous Tasmanian devil that is native only to Tasmania. You may also be able to catch the Aurora Australis, which are the Southern Lights. Best months to see it are in winter, between March and September.

With so many places to visit in Australia, you’ll never get bored trying to find a new road trip to take!