Best Summertime Activities in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe is nationally and internationally renowned and visited for many reasons. For one, the skiing and snowboarding is world-class, with several different resorts to show off your tricks in a half-pipe, or explore off-piste trails without limitations. For another, the diversity in activities is staggering in seasons without snow. Most of these have to do with the clear blue water and the vast, outdoor wilderness to explore. All of these factors explain why vacation rentals in Lake Tahoe are so popular: people don’t just come from in-state or in-country, but indeed from all around the world to enjoy the natural beauty on display in the Tahoe region.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more popular summertime attractions without further ado!

Horse riding/camping

California is home to some of the best infrastructure for horse lovers. With miles upon miles of trails cultivated and maintained for hikers and horse riders alike, there are few places as friendly as the Golden State and its many parks for equestrians and their animals. Along many trails, you will find watering holes, areas designed to attach your horses’ leads to, and perhaps even a bit of food awaiting your horse companion, likely to be tired from carrying you up a mountain for miles at a time.

For those of you that love longer trips, the Tahoe region is home to organized horse camping groups. It works through an organized effort: folks will go ahead of the group with gear and food in tow while the majority of the group will ride to catch up with them. This caravan advances for several days or weeks over long distances, but the Tahoe area draws many of these campers just for its incredible surroundings.

Helicopter tour

For tourists who appreciate an aerial view of the lake, helicopter tours are offered. This showcases the vastness of the Lake – it encompasses over dozen small towns and points of interest along the perimeter – as well as the diverse topography surrounding the lake. The surrounding mountains are what makes for such good skiing in the wintertime, of course, and make for incredible eye candy from the sky. While it might lack in being up close in personal, it more than makes up for that in its sweeping overview of the region.

Water sports

As the old saying goes, “where there is water, there will be sports.” Whether or not that is actually a saying, it applies to this particular lake, where people come to jetski, waterski, sail, kayak, paddleboard, canoe, tube, and swim. There is even paragliding, an alternative way to get a bird’s eye view without having to rent out an expensive helicopter. You name it, that water sport is available for you to enjoy. The only exceptions might be those hovering water jets – although you could probably manage if you bring your own set of jets – and water polo, for which you would need to bring a whole team or two.

Mountain biking

The mountains are just used for winter sports. You better believe that there is a host of mountain biking enthusiasts who love climbing a mountain with their bikes and rush downhill as fast is possible, soaking up the adrenaline. The speed, the danger, vistas all combine for a heart-pumping experience not quite like anything else. The paved terrain that normally functions as a ski slope makes for a fairly clear, flat path, but for a real challenge do this in the uncleared territory for the mountain-biking equivalent of off-piste trails.


In sharp contrast to mountain biking, this most basic of sports can be some of the most refreshing and gratifying forms of interaction with nature. Few things are as satisfying as reaching the end of a challenging hike and seeing just how far you have come from the bottom, seeing all that progress you’ve made. Perfect to do in groups, with a partner, or even alone, Tahoe offers a practically limitless number of trails and areas to explore and climb on foot. There is wildlife such as bears to be aware of, but the relatively mild summers makes for a perfect climate for summer hikes of varying lengths: a day trip or several night-long trips make for memorable hikes.

Hot tubbing

As mountainous areas are wont to do, it can get a bit chilly at night, even in the summertime when it gets hot with the sun out. As one might imagine, this makes for absolutely ideal hot tube weather. It’s possible to enjoy the night sky, away from the light pollution of the cities, alone in an outdoor hot tub with a cold one in hand. Still, there is nothing better than doing this with a group of friends or with your family, admiring how the outdoor beauty can be seen in a whole new light at night.

The options for activities in the majesty of Lake Tahoe are only limited by your imagination, yet these tried and true suggestions are sure to be fun!