Choosing the Right 2 Horse Gooseneck Trailer


There is no doubt that buying a horse trailer is an expensive investment. If you’re into horse show and keep travelling around, then this trailer is the best thing to buy. There are different types of gooseneck trailers for horses available in the market. So it is important to have a check over different things before investing money on it. Let us now check things to consider:

  • Is it New or Used: As there are many types of trailers and have been around since years, it is important to know if it new or used one. If you decide to buy the used one, then makes it’s in good condition and has all the necessary facilities inside and outside. It’s important to gain some knowledge about the trailer and then proceeding ahead to buy.
  • Know the Types of Trailers:

There are different types of trailers available in the market:

  • Stock Horse Trailers: These trailers have slatted sides. Some horses prefer to stay in stock on because it makes them feel closed up and have no freedom. The best thing about these stock trailers is it can be used to haul other important things if not used for the journey.
  • Slant-Load Horse Trailers: These trailers allow the horse to ride inside in an angle and feel more comfortable. However, for large horses it can be quite difficult to ride inside.  Most of these trailers have 8-10 feet space inside. Moreover, for horses these slant trailers could be tiring as they will be using opposite sides of their bodies for bracing themselves according to the speed of the trailers. This is also found in 2 horse gooseneck trailers making it easier to ride.
  • Straight-load horse trailers: These are commonly used trailers because they allow horses to hold their weight easily. Though it is a hot issue to decide what type of horse can be better fit into the trailer.

The construction of the Trailer:

  • Material used: Most of the owners love having steel horse trailers and are extremely common. However, it can be heavy and require heavy maintenance. The best part of these steel trailers is it avoids corrosion and remains perfect in every climate. Apart from steel, there are also aluminium trailers which are quite expensive. Though it is resistance to corrosion, the exterior body may oxidize over the time.
  • Frame: The frame is next most important thing to consider and is generally made from tubular steel or aluminium.
  • Walls & Floor: It is important to have rubber or plywood floor because wood breathes easily. Moreover, horses feel comfortable while standing inside. Make sure to check if the flooring and wall pieces are in good condition.

Buying Trailers Online:

There are horse trailers for sale online available at competitive price. It is important to have a thorough check about the vehicle by having conversation with the dealer. You can compare the price and gain all the details online to know more about the vehicle.