Croatia: 7 Things Not To Miss

For most people, Croatia is one country that is not on the top of their minds when thinking about new travel destinations to try. However, if you are looking for a unique country that is gifted with stunning beauty, this should definitely be next on your travel list. Keep on reading and we’ll tell you more about some of its best attractions.

Amazing Festivals

Croatia is known as an excellent destination for people who love to party and meet other travellers. Annually, it hosts large festivals that bring together people from all over the globe. Some of the most popular include Fresh Island Festival, Ultra Europe, and Hideout Festival. Most of its festivals are held in the summer on some of its most beautiful beaches.

Croatia festivals

Ancient Ruins

This country is steep in terms of history, and this is obvious with its vast collection of ancient ruins. Regardless of where you are in Croatia, chances are, you will be able to see ancient ruins. Some of them can be small churches and others are grand palaces. Make sure to have your picture taken with these ruins to have memories you will forever treasure.

Croatia ancient ruins

Delicious Coffee

If there is one thing that Croatians love, it would be their coffee. In fact, it is believed that an average person drinks about 5 kilograms of coffee annually. You can find a lot of quaint coffee shops, providing you with the perfect opportunity to have a taste of their popular coffee.

Croatian coffee

Whimsical Hvar

One of the best places that you should see in Croatia is Hvar, which attracts many tourists. This harbour city is home to a wide selection of waterfront restaurants. It is also famed for its vibrant nightlife, making it perfect for young travellers, or those who are young at heart. For more information on planning your trip to Croatia, visit Cyplon.

Hvar island Croatia

Charming Dubrovnik

This is another part of Croatia that is definitely going to be worth seeing. It is often touted as one of the most beautiful cities not only in the country, but in the whole world as well. It has a stunning architecture, wonderful beaches, and a rich history, offering tourists with an immersive holiday experience.


Secret Caves

Itching to see something new? Head over to the secret caves that you can see in Croatia. If you are in Hvar, rent out a private boat and it will take to to caves that are not yet as touristy as other destinations in the country. There is a green and blue cave, both of which will leave you in awe. For those who would like to test their adventurous spirit, cliff diving is one activity that can be enjoyed.

Secret Caves in Croatia

Hidden Beaches

Croatia has a lot of secrets waiting to be uncovered, and some of them are its best beaches. These are the perfect places for people who are looking for somewhere they can enjoy without the need to blend with the crowd. In the town of Cres, for instance, some of the best beaches that you can check out include Gavza, Beli, and Orlec, among others. Visit Exeter International for a list of even more things to do in Croatia.

Hidden Beaches Croatia