Cruise holidays in the Middle East

While tourism seems to be booming in the Middle East, one aspect of travel there is often overlooked, but not any more! Cruises around the Arabian Gulf are becoming ever more popular and with more cruise ships joining the party every year there’s plenty to choose from and plenty of competition.

By why would you pick a cruise around the Arabian Gulf over maybe a cruise around the Caribbean?

I’ve put together a few great reasons why Cruise holidays in the Middle East should not be overlooked this year!

How much does a Dubai cruise cost?

You’ll be very pleasantly surprised to hear that cruising the Arabian Gulf is actually very affordable. Dubai and neighbouring UAE cities are known for their high quality and often high prices, but the competitive nature of the cruise industry means that prices are actually falling. For example its highly possible to find a cruise for you and your family for less than £500 per person, including buffet meals and children sailing for free. So often the same or less than a decent fly-and-flop holiday in the Mediterranean. Definitely not a budget buster that you might expect. Of course how much you decide to spend on board is up to you. There’s always extra restaurants, drinks, excursions, on-board activities and plenty of other ways to burn a hole in your wallet!

Plenty of cruise options

Itineraries vary but usually taken in the latest and greatest destinations in the region but there are some incredible cruises taking you to some of the best destinations in Asia. For example you could start dubai cruises that heads onwards to India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia and arrive in beautiful Singapore, enjoying an all the splendour of your cruise ship over 12 days.

dubai cruises

Guaranteed sunshine and warm temperatures

As you’d expect for the region its sunny, hot, and always summer! So no matter what time of year you want to cruise there’s always some great options. Its a great chance for some winter sun to lift your spirits and make the most of the dark months of the northern hemisphere. The winter cruise season starts around the end of October and runs right through to April. At which point outside temperatures get pretty damn hot! I’d definitely recommend around January or February.

Very easy to get to

As fly and cruise holidays go it doesn’t get much easier than Dubai. There’s lots of competition here for flights and as its a big business hub you’ll find plenty of daily flights from all major airports. Flight time from London is around 7 hours so long haul but comfortable. Because of the competition and easy access there’s lots of great package holidays available that include resorts in Dubai and cruises as well. So a great way to get the best fo both worlds.

Modern meets Traditional

Dubai and its neighbouring United Arab Emirates brothers may appear to be shining beacons of modernity and overly westernised regions but there’s a lot here beneath the surface that’s traditional, ancient, religious and artistic. You’ll soon discover that Islam is an aesthetically interesting religion with beautiful mosques and bustling markets worth exploring. There’s also plenty of awesome excursions around the middle east so don’t miss out on any stop. Whether its camel riding or a spot of haggling with the locals for souvenirs.

There will forever be something exotic about the middle east, and a cruise is a fantastic way to sample a slice of it from multiple destinations!