Exciting and Extreme Summer Activities

As the summer months and the intense heat that comes with it arrives, the thought of running around on a football pitch or tennis court can lose a lot of appeal. Thankfully plenty of other options, from extreme sports to other activities, exist which are more suited to the summer weather.

If you’re looking for some new inspiration and exciting activities to get involved with this season then plenty are on offer. Wherever you live you can get involved in many of them locally with the correct equipment, while others may require travelling further afield.

Extreme Camping

Camping is a great summer pursuit popular with everyone from festival revellers to families. For regular campers pitching up in a field and spending a few nights eating from a barbeque and being surrounded by insects can become a little dull after a while. Liven things up by going extreme camping this summer instead. There are lots of new innovative camping options such as tree camping, pod camping and even cliff camping.

extreme camping


Hurtle down a steep, slippery slope and reach speeds of up to 50mph by going tubing. Oh, and you’re doing all this while perched atop a large rubber ring. For this reason a helmet is required for safety and the best experiences can be found at professionally organised extreme tubing events. However, for the innovative out there all that’s needed is a couple of blow up rings and a steep slope that’s damp enough to slide down.

BMX Lake Jumping

Summer is great for BMX riding but it can be a hot and sweaty affair. BMX Lake jumping creates the perfect cooling off method and adds plenty of excitement. Riders speed down a hill and up over a ramp, performing as many tricks as they like before landing in the water. It’s great fun with the high speed thrill and finishing crash into the lake. Ensure you do it in a safe place, where the water is deep and use special flotation aided bikes so they don’t sink.

BMX lake jumping

Kite Fighting

Kite fighting is hugely popular in Asia and the Middle East. Although the sport has not had great publicity due to some fighters using unlawful methods, causing injury, the sport can be enjoyed in local parks and green spaces across the UK safely. You can purchase safer, readymade ones to enjoy all the fun of bashing kites into each other without the risk of hurting each other.

Kite fighting


A water-powered jetpack is more environmentally friendly and refreshing than a regular one. The Jetlev is a recent invention using water supplied through a hose to power it, which makes it incredibly fun to fly around above a lake or ocean. It’s not cheap but in a few years’ time we hope to see them at many holiday locations.

Jet lev