Four Luxury Paris Travel Tips – Even If You’re on a Budget

When it comes to intriguing, romantic, and historical destinations, Paris is a city that tops the list for many tourists. Not only is it home to some of the world’s most historical attractions and treasures, you’ll also be able to experience all kinds of modern sights. At the same time there is just something about Paris that screams luxury and class, making it the perfect location to book your own luxury-style getaway.

Here’s a look at four tips that can help you to have a luxury-style vacation in Paris, even if you don’t necessarily have the luxury budget to spend on your getaway.

Sign Up for Exclusive Tours and Skip the Line Offers

One tip that can really take your sightseeing to the next level is to look for ways to experience exclusive tours and skip-the-line passes so that you can stroll right past the crowds of tourists waiting to enter the attraction. FastPassTours is a company that specialises in just such an offering, providing tourists with all kinds of great deals and tours. 

Take for example its skip-the-line admission tickets at The Paris Catacombs, combined with the Eiffel Tower. This is a great way to experience two world-renowned attractions in a way that will have you feeling a bit like a celebrity. Each of these sights are known for having long lines, so being able to walk to the front of the line will feel quite luxurious. FastPassTours also features a number of guided tours which can give you a more exclusive look and understanding of the various attractions around the city.

Visit a Spa and Enjoy Total Relaxation

A cornerstone feature of any luxury-styled vacation is to include time for relaxation. Booking a visit to a spa can certainly help you achieve that. You may want to do some research in advance, or even ask at your hotel’s front desk about recommendations for top spas in the area.

Experience Authentic French Cuisine

Rather than find yourself dining at a spot meant for tourists, why not look for an authentic French cuisine experience? Again, it can help to do a little research in advance, read reviews from others, and ask the concierge for suggestions. True French cuisine will give you a greater appreciation for the city, its people, and its culture.

A Room with a View

If the budget will allow, nothing beats a hotel room with a view of the Eiffel Tower. While the tower is incredible to look at during the day, it is nothing short of spectacular at night. Just imagine being able to gaze out of your window looking straight at it. Even if you can’t afford to stay in a room with a view for your whole trip, it may be worth it just for one night.

Travelling in Style

Experiencing Paris in style and luxury only helps to take the trip to the next level and provides you with an even more unique experience.