Free things to do on vacation

We all know that travel can be expensive. The costs of flights, hotels, transport, excursions, food, drink and fun can all mount up and soon cause more worry than good! People often overlook the fact that there are many free things you can do on any vacation which can fill your travels with adventure, excitement, challenges and above all FUN! So we asked around the office what great things you can do on vacations for free.

Get more exercise

Vacations don’t have to just be about relaxing, some of the best adventures often involve being more active and healthy! It’s a great opportunity to see more of the great outdoors and pick a destination that’s perfect for exploring. Walking and hiking are entirely free and easily done especially in many of the national parks of the world. With clearly marked trails and free information on the best routes to take, getting exercise is probably one of the best ways to do something for free on your next vacation.


Play games

Getting mental exercise is just as important as getting physical exercise and should not be overlooked. Playing games and challenging you brain are the best ways to keep your mind fit and healthy. With smartphones and tablets everywhere these days it’s easy to play games almost anywhere. On your balcony, by the pool, on the beach or relaxing in your hotel bedroom. Keeping your mind active is a great use of your time and entirely free too! Sure there are some games you have to buy for your mobile device of choice but there are plenty of free options out there too. Playing in an online casino is one option as sites like Mansion Casino who offer a free practice mode that won’t cost you a penny. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and have fun before you head to a real casino.

playing games on vacation

Learn a new skill

Most new skills just take time to learn, something we’re all short of in our normal daily lives, but a vacation gives you plenty of hours to refine a skill or learn a new one. There’s also many destinations and all-inclusive hotels that offer free activities to help you learn plenty new skills. You could learn to draw or paint, learn water-sports like kayaking and surfing. You could learn a new language and put it to the test while you’re there, or simply learn to juggle! Practice makes perfect and with days and days ahead of you, a vacation could be just the place to finally learn that new skill you’ve always wanted to.

Learn a new skill on vacation

Attend a meetup

There are likeminded people just like you all over the world and thanks to the internet it’s easy to find them these days too. Sites like help communities promote their events and you can sign up for free too. I’ve used this site plenty of times to discover photography groups, travel groups and even other bloggers in whatever destination I’m in. It’s a fantastic way to broaden your social circles, learn from other people and above all find something free to do! Meetups are usually held in public places and after working hours so it’s a chance to combine an evening out with the chance to meet others like yourself.

Find a meetup near me

Find free museums

Tourist information will always have details on free museums in your destination of choice. Nearly every city in the world will have at least one free government or charity funded museum to enjoy. You can easily fill numerous days walking around interesting exhibitions, art galleries, museums, parks and more. In fact there’s often so many free museums to choose from you’ll find it tough to narrow down your selection to the time you have available. Cities like Madrid, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Sydney, New York, Washington DC, and many others all have endless free museums and art galleries to check out.

Free museums of the world


If you really want to do something free and give something back to a local community then volunteering is your best option. There are entire vacation organizations set up to help you find volunteering activities in the places you want to visit. It can be as simple as meeting locals and giving them companionship for a few hours, right up to helping to build schools and hospitals in rural areas that need it most. If you’re looking for something moocher rewarding than just sitting on a beach then volunteering is the ultimate selfless act that is sure to be appreciated by those you help. There are different methods of volunteering with different things on offer, some even include free meals and accommodation.

Volunteering on vacation