Great reasons to visit Singapore

Singapore has fast become one of the world’s most influential little islands, spanning some 70 square miles its key location in Asia has made it one of the world’s busiest ports and a financial hub for almost every bank around the world. With over 5 million residents and an impressive expat community of over 1 million its no surprise there is plenty to see and do here. Once considered just a connecting flight destination, somewhere you may only spend 24 hours, now its become a tourist hotspot in its own right. So here’s my pick of the top reasons you should visit Singapore for your next holiday.

Sentosa Island

There’s a number of islands around Singapore but none more colourful and exciting than Sentosa, just a short monorail ride away, or a quick cab, a cable car ride or even an easy walk. However you get there you’ll be greeted with a multitude of amazing tourist attractions that are not to be missed. Whether you’re looking for rollercoaster rides at Universal Studios Singapore, or sunbathing on the beach and enjoying one of the many beach side bars.

Universal Studios Singapore

There’s even a golf course on Sentosa and my favourite tourist attraction of them all, S.E.A Aquarium, the world’s largest aquarium until only recently.

SEA Aquarium SingaporeFeaturing over 100,000 species of marine life and some truly mind blowing tanks of enormous size. You’ll not only learn more about the water world around us but also have ample opportunities to take some impressive photos of the tanks and the incredible creatures within them. For the super rich there’s even hotel rooms with windows in to the largest of the tanks.

World class casinos

Singapore has only recently embraced casinos and one of which has become the most iconic building in Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands complex stands in the heart of the city towering over the Marina bay area and the CBD. 3 towers contain the hotel rooms with a bridge that looks something like a boat perch on top of them, it hosts the world’s highest infinity pool with insanely cool views of the city below.

best Infinity pool in the world

It also has a very elegant casino that boasts both games popular in Asia and western countries. Be prepared to part with your hard earned cash here and remember the house always wins. My advice is to brush up on a the rules of as many games as you can and get in to the casino mindset before entering. Even play mobile bingo to help get you in the mood and set yourself a budget so you don’t spend all your holiday money. You’ll also find a casino on Sentosa Island right next to the Aquarium and Universal Studios.

Marina Bay Sands

Incredible cuisine

Singapore’s relatively affluent population means there’s no shortage of fine dining options all over the city. Some of the world’s leading chefs call Singapore home, at least for now, and you’ll find fusions left right and centre, on nearly every street in central Singapore. I can highly recommend eating at Labyrinth inside Esplanade Mall. Don’t let its shopping mall location put you off, this is an incredible award winning restaurant with a meal unlike anything you’ve ever had before.

Labyrinth Singapore

Clifford Pier also offers some of the best views in town and is an elegant dining experience inside one of Singapore’s most historic buildings, a place that many immigrants coming to Singapore passed through up until quite recently. For the best Japanese food in town check out Bincho, a hard to find restaurant that’s worth the effort in locating. There’s also great hawker food available for those on a tight budget. Iconic Lau Pa Sat in the heart of the CBD is a must but there are many more hawker centres dotted around the city. Serangoon has a fantastic one called Chomp Chomp, and for the best budget thai food try the Golden Mile at  505 Beach Rd.

Hawker food in Singapore

There’s so much to see and do in Singapore now you could easily spend a week or more here. For all the latest tourist attraction information check out