Making the Most of Your Stay in The Bronx

The Bronx is an area known for its dynamic contrasts. Once, it was a neighborhood known for conflict and crime between all the diverse ethnic communities residing there. Today, it has gained renown as a borough that is peaceful and has exciting and enticing experiences to offer visitors. Staying in the cozy vacation homes in Bronx, you get to visit countless destinations that let you enjoy rich dining, an exceptional shopping experience, and quality entertainment. Hip hop was born in the Bronx, and it is here The Yankees’ legacy was born.

The locality itself is densely populated and it has many bars, parks, restaurants, and shopping outlets. The botanical gardens and the Yankee Stadium are the most notable attractions here, with people from all over the country often coming to The Bronx specifically for these two.

The borough is connected to mainland US and is packed with a number of other things to see and do. Here are some attractions you can’t afford to miss when visiting, two of which have already been mentioned before.

The Yankee Stadium

The Yankees are one of the most popular sports teams on the planet, making the stadium a major attraction. The Yankee Stadium is also known as “the house that Ruth Built”, mainly because Babe Ruth was the leading American baseball player of his era who won many major leagues and inspired many youngsters. You can catch a baseball game at any time of the day between local teams live in the stadium.

Yankee Stadium

Construction started in 1921 and ended in 1923, and the place has since been the home of the New York Yankees. Taking a tour around the stadium, you will be able to see why people admire it so much. It is enormous and has extravagant finishes that make it the world’s most expensive stadium of baseball ever constructed. Just around the stadium, you can see the Ballpark Monument, which is an outdoor museum that honors Yankee legends like Joe DiMaggio, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth, and Mickey Mantle.

The Bronx Zoo

Spread across 265 acres, this zoo is one of the largest ones in the world and a famous one in New York that houses over 4,000 animals of diverse species. Visitors get to see miniature birds, majestic lions, aquatic birds, colorful butterfly gardens, reptiles, striking species of Tibet and Madagascar. With so many diverse animals to see and admire, this zoo is the ideal place for family fun.

Bronx Zoo

Specially designed for little children, there is also a separate play area, which offers activities like feeding 3D animals through animations, and camel riding sessions. Of course, all these activities are under strict supervision of tour guides. The Zoo hosts special classes daily, which include demonstrations, actions, and feeding of animal species like the Congo Gorilla, Tiger, Sea Lion stunts, and much more.

The Botanical Garden

As we mentioned right off the bat, this is another captivating attraction in Bronx you must see. Nothing compares to spending some quality time with your family in this beautiful garden that features colorful, scented, and lush flowers like the Crabapples, Tulips, Azaleas, Lilacs, flowering dogwoods and so many other flowers. It has three acres dedicated to the Rock Garden, packed with woodland plants and alpine flowers. The other 250 acres are dedicated to the native birds and a wide range of migratory and resident birds like the red tailed owls, and the horned owls.

Botanical Garden