Maldives for the perfect Honeymoon destination

Are you a newlywed couple that’s looking for an exotic destination to unwind and enjoy your honeymoon? If you’re looking for the perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, the Maldives is the place for you.

From the brilliant and untouched white sandy beaches to the sparkling aquamarine lagoons, Maldives provides a perfectly romantic setting for spending your long awaited honeymoon. The calm serenity of the islands is the perfect place to celebrate your marriage and begin your life together, read on as we explore why the Maldives should be at the top of everyone’s honeymoon list.

Distraction Free

With an archipelago of islands covering the entire landscape, Maldives is a tropical heaven that is beautifully endowed with dense rainforests, breath taking coral reefs and deep caves that can make for a perfect escape from the noise of the city. You can enjoy the spectacular views of the islands’ surrounding lagoons and even take a walk through the dense yet peaceful forests. Other activities for you to indulge in include beach picnics, scuba diving, hiking, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, and sailing to name just a few. Its also the place to see the beautiful Blue Tang fish from the movie Finding Dory. Maldives really does tick all the boxes when it comes to privacy, relaxation and the luxurious comfort you’ve been dreaming of.

History and Unique Culture

Maldives is a premier honeymoon destination not only because of its natural beauty, but also because of its major historic landmarks. Pre-historic Buddhist temples and amazing archaeological landmarks that date back centuries will take you back in time to reflect on the rich history of the islands. Maldives’ culture is also distinct and you can experience that when you visit the Old Friday Mosque in Male. Built in 1658, this Mosque has been in continuous use since it was built and has a reported capacity of 10,700 people.


Luxury Resorts and Hotels

Another amazing thing about travelling to Maldives for honeymoon is that you have the opportunity is spending your holiday in resorts and spas of the highest quality. Many resorts have their own private section of beach, private gardens, Jacuzzis and sunset pool villas, all of which add to the relaxation and enjoyment of your overall experience. The hotels also offer amazing food choices, including buffets and traditional island barbecues.


Important Things to Consider When Going on a Honeymoon in Maldives

When planning for a couple’s honeymoon to Maldives, there are a number of things that you need to consider to ensure it’s a once in a lifetime experience. That means you need to know the most convenient resort to stay in and how to get around. While in Maldives always remember to:

  • Use the ferry system to get around different Maldives islands
  • Confirm everything regarding the inclusions and exclusions of the resort you are staying
  • Monitor your bill during your stay to avoid surprises when checking out
  • Choose a resort that is found in a hidden or protected location if privacy is among your top priorities
  • Eating at the local restaurants can help you save lots on money while on your honeymoon

After tying the note and making promises that bind you together, you need to take time away from home to be with each other and celebrate your marriage. A honeymoon is a special time where you can bond more with your loved one, so it’s important that you have an unforgettable experience. The place you spend your time will have a key role in determining your enjoyment, so choose wisely!

The Maldives are one of the exclusive honeymoon destinations that you should definitely consider. From the amazing islands with beautiful lagoons, to major pre-historic sites and luxury resorts, the experiences you’ll have in Maldives are incomparable. No honeymoon package is cheap, and with the Maldives it’s likely that you’ll spend slightly more. However, the quality of accommodation mixed with unrivalled privacy and weather makes it all worth the money.