Mobile apps you shouldn’t leave home with before going on holiday

Going on holiday should be exciting but it can often be a little stressful as well. Different locations, languages and even currencies can cause you a bit of a headache. But luckily most of us now have smartphones that can help us out of these sticky situations. Here are a few apps we think you shouldn’t leave home without when you jet off on holiday next.

The main problem we all face when we go on holiday is the language barrier. It can be frustrating for both parties if you can’t understand each other, and even worse it can sometimes stop you from getting the service you want. Don’t worry, you don’t have to learn a second language inside out. Instead, download the Google Translate app to translate any word into one of 90 languages. You can even hold your phones camera over a sign or menu and it’ll translate it for you on your screen.

Google Translate App

When you’re on holiday you’ll also want to make sure you’re getting a good deal on what you spend money on. But with exchange rates changing all the time with the world’s unstable economy, it can be hard to figure out what something would cost in your home currency. Download the XE Currency App for your smartphone to do all the sums for you. The phone regularly updates itself with the latest exchange rates so you’ll have the most up to date information all the time. Even if you’re away from the internet, it’ll store the latest exchange rate so you can use this app wherever.

Of course not all of your holiday can been entertaining. You’ll need something to keep you busy when you’re waiting around for a bus or just want a rest out of the sun for a bit. Lady Lucks have a whole host of different casino games you can load onto your phone before you leave to keep you occupied in your down time.

WhatsAppWhen you’re abroad you’ll also want to keep in touch with your family and friends and show them your latest holiday snaps. Sending picture messages back home when you’re abroad can be an expensive business though. Instead, download the WhatsApp messenger app so you can send photos through the internet. This way of sending photos and video is often cheaper than just sending an MMS and can even be free if your hotel has Wi-Fi.

While you’re away on holiday you won’t want to miss anything at home. Whether it’s your favourite soap or an important football game, sometimes there’s TV you just don’t want to miss. If you have a YouView box you can download their app which allows you set programmes to record whilst you’re away from your home so you can catch up when you return.

you view app

So as long as you remember to download these apps before you leave home (and of course to pack your all important phone charger), you’ll hopefully have the most relaxing holiday possible.