Why take a short break in Monaco?

If you’re looking for a little romance and glamour in your life then look no further than Monaco on the French Riviera. It doesn’t come more glamorous than this. A playground for the rich and famous, Monaco is synonymous with money, luxury, yachts and high rollers. A tax haven for celebrities, business moguls and sporting legends, this small principality clings to the rocks along the French coastline. There’s plenty of reasons to visit to here’s a few of our favourites.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

One of the most famous casinos in the world and certainly one of the most luxurious, this isn’t your typical vegas style mega-resort casino but an opulent and refined European casino with plenty of history too. It first opened its doors back in 1863 and has been emptying the wallets of tourist ever since. Over the years it has expanded and now claims ownership to 4 casinos in Monaco and a host of cafes, restaurants and hotels. It really is the heart and soul of the city and is a must for anyone visiting. I recommend brushing up on your skills before going to ensure you make the most of the european style tables as it can be quite daunting unless you’re prepared. Check out one of these casino sites where you can play online often for free.

Casino De Monte Carlo

Formula 1 Grand Prix

F1 is often called a glamorous sport but most of that image comes from the historic Grand Prix of Monaco that has been on the calendar since 1929! It’s one of the most challenging circuits, looping around the streets of the city with no room for error. Barriers along the sides of the roads will spell the end of your race if you make a mistake! One of the most iconic races of the season its definitely worth attending and happens around late May each year. Hotel prices go through the roof for this weekend so most spectators stay in Nice in France, just a few kilometres away. The pinnacle of motorsport is Formula 1 and the pinnacle of F1 is Monaco. Its the race that creates legends and plenty of world champions have called Monaco “home” over the decades.

Why go to Monaco

Lavish hotels

There’s no shortage of places to stay in Monaco but you wont find any budget accommodation here. Monaco is all about luxury high-end 5 star rooms with sea views and world class cuisine. Expect to pay at least £200 a night here but its worth every penny. These hotels know how to treat their guests well and it doesn’t get much more romantic than waking up in an immaculately designed Monaco hotel room or suite. If you’re out to impress a loved one then Monaco is where you must come. It’s a fairly walkable city too although steep in places, as its small too you’ll be pretty central for all the best bars, restaurants and places to be seen. You’ll see Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Rolls Royce cars parked on the streets, owned to be shown off of course. Just try not to get car-envy!

Monaco cars

Monaco is the perfect place for a romantic getaway on the French Riviera. With plenty of flights in to neighbouring Nice Airport. Wow your loved one with a weekend away in beautiful Monaco this year.