Spicing up a Skiing Holiday

Skiing holidays are a long-standing tradition and continue to go strong, with many enthusiasts making their ski trip an annual event. There are so many places in the world that are perfect for skiing, from France and Austria to Canada, and it’s rarely the sort of activity you try as a one-off. Either you’re a skier, or you aren’t, but that doesn’t mean that skiing holidays can’t be exciting for everyone involved.

For experienced skiers, it can be easy to get into a rut with your holidays. While skiing may be your biggest passion, sometimes it can be good to shake things up and try some new things. There are plenty of non-skiing activities that you can take part in, all offering a new experience and a great way to keep things exciting. Here are just some of the ways experienced skiers can shake things up on their next holiday with Iglu Ski.


Definitely of for the thrill seekers, snowmobiling is a fantastic way to travel the snowy landscapes and experience the piste without sticking your feet into a pair of skis. A snowmobile is a lot like a motorbike, offering an adrenaline rush and the irresistible freedom to go where you please. Throw yourself from snowy mounds and experience views that you’d normally only get once at the top of the peak.




Skiing down a slope can be great fun, but what about actually flying over the resort? Parapente gives you the chance to fly through the air with a parachute, and can be as serene or as exciting as you like. Tandem parapente is an excellent way to shake things up on a skiing holiday and offers a unique experience in its own right.



Sledding is more than simply being pulled along or pushing yourself down a hill. While a popular winter pastime in general, there are ways to make sledding more exciting. You can take a two-person sled that comes with brakes and steering, giving you more of a thrill ride than you might have been expecting.


Snow Polo

A twist on a classic sport, some ski resorts will provide guests with the chance to play Polo in the snow. Alternatively, you could simply go and watch; it promises to be both elegant and exciting experience whilst loading you with luxury comforts, including furs and champagne! This can be a great way to bring something new to your ski holiday.

Snow Polo

What do you think? What activities would you like to do when you’re not taking to the slopes?