Top 5 Reasons for a Weekend Away in Wales

There are hundreds of reasons to visit Wales on a weekend break, but since going into every single one in detail could take up the entire two days we have condensed them into five broad areas. This way you can read an overview of the best things about this magnificent country.

1. Castles

Whether you like your castles fully decorated with ornate furnishings like Cardiff Castle or with towers in various states of collapse at Conwy, Wales has a castle to suit you. Over the centuries more than 400 castles have been built in the country and around 100 of them are still standing to this day.

Conwy Castle, Wales

There are so many castles in such close proximity to each other you can go to more than one in a day or choose to explore such structures off the beaten path.

The 19th century Castell Coch (‘Red Castle’) on the outskirts of Cardiff and set in beautiful countryside is a personal favourite. Conwy Castle in the north of the country is another fantastic example and has the crenulations and drawbridges associated with stereotypical castles.

2. The coastline

The Wales Coastal Path has now been open for a year, giving visitors the opportunity to walk around the entire coastline totalling a whopping 870 miles. If you are just visiting for a weekend then you will probably not have the chance to tackle the whole thing, but why not take on a stretch of it for a beautiful walk?

With beaches, rocky cliffs, nesting birds, seals and dolphins playing in the surf, national parks and picturesque villages to walk past, the Welsh coastline is a fantastic place to forget about your worries.


3. Food

The lush Welsh countryside provides a plethora of delicious local ingredients that are used in the kitchens of world class restaurants across Wales. From Tyddyn Llan in Llandrillo, North Wales to Y Polyn in Capel Dewi, Carmarthenshire, these establishments have Michelin-starred chefs creating spectacular dishes.

4. Festivals

For every season of the year there is a different festival in Wales, making each visit a entirely unique experience. In late May there is the world-famous Hay Festival celebrating all things literary in the pretty village of Hay on Wye.

In recent years Caerphilly has hosted its Big Cheese Festival in July and this year is no exception. More than 50 producers from across Wales will fill the marquees with the tastes and smells of the country. You will have the chance to try everything from cakes and chocolate to wines and liqueurs and, of course, cheese.

You can combine a trip to the Big Cheese with a visit to the impressive Caerphilly Castle that dominates the town – a win-win situation.

5. Sport

The Welsh take their sport very seriously, especially when it comes to rivalry with their closest neighbour, England. While this can be seen particularly keenly in international rugby union matches it extends to all sports.

Try to catch a game at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff if your weekend away takes you to the south of Wales. The atmosphere on match days throughout the city is second to none and you can marvel at the outlandish ways that the Welsh dress to show their patriotic side.

Millennium Stadium - Cardiff - Div 1 Playoff Final 2004

As well as watching sport, there are plenty of opportunities in Wales to get involved, whether it is undertaking watersport activities, horse riding or walking in the hills. Getting active will inevitably be part of your weekend away, especially if you have indulged in delicious food the day before.


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