Top Things to Do in Tunisia

Tunisia is just a small portion of the vast continent that is Africa, but it is filled with enough beauty and history to draw any avid traveler. With its balmy weather and sandy Mediterranean coast, it has the feel of a tropical destination.

It is a place where you can do more than just enjoy a long day in a sun lounger, though. The capital Tunis is working hard to be known as a modern Arab capital. Flying into the small city of Enfidha is a great way to start your trip. It’s a stepping stone to a lot of intersting places and being a small city it’s a great way to get accustomed to this country before exploring further afield. Enfidha is where many travelers stop on their way to see Takrouna. It was once an estate used for cultivating vines, olives and cereals, then for horse breeding.

There is much to see and do on your visit to Tunisia. Immerse yourself into the culture and you will find yourself on a holiday that you won’t soon forget.

Takrouna petit village berbère Tunisien de la région du Sahel

To market, to market

In Tunisia, you can visit the largest street market in North Africa. The Nebeul Market is the place to go when you are looking for something to bring home with you or to sample some local fare during your visit. You will find everything from chocolate to silk there.

You can then venture to the nearby vineyard, Chateux Baccheus, and sample some of the local vintage. You can buy a few bottles of your favorite to take with you.

Visit Tatouine

If the name sounds like something out of a Star Wars movie, that’s because it is. George Lucas was inspired by the unique desert town and named the planet Tatooine after it. Stop and admire the shimmering salt lake Sebhket el Melah. The town of Tatouine is well-known for its souks, where you can find fabrics, pottery and wonderful Tunisian bowls.

Then, after you have had your fill of salty air and bartering with local vendors, make your way to the abandoned hilltop village of Cenini. Here, you can see the ancient mud brick houses that were the homes of Berbers all the way back to the 12th century.

Celebrate the end of Ramadan

If you travel to Tunisia close to the end of Ramadan, you will be there for Eid, the huge celebration that marks the end of the month of fasting. There will be plenty of feasting and the cities will be draped with twinkling lights and locals dressed in their best.

Hammamet Medina

Go for a camel ride

Hammamet is an idyllic place to climb aboard a camel or horse and go for a leisurely ride along the coast. It’s an amazing way to see the views around the city. After your ride, step into one of the local cafes for a refreshing cup of mint tea.

Get your adrenaline pumping

Are you looking for some heart-pounding excitement? Head over to Port El Kantaoui to add a little exhilaration to your holiday. Here, you can go to the dive center near the marina to get closer to the deep-sea life. You can also find water skiing and paragliding in the area. Then, find a nearby pirate ship for some fishing or swimming.

Port El Kantaoui

For a small piece of the African coast, Tunisia has a lot to offer holiday-goers. You can relax on the sandy surf, stroll through the local markets for treasure hunts, or get your heart racing with an adventurous deep dive. Any or all of these activities can come together for an amazing experience.

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