Travel-ready dresses that don’t compromise style

Packing for an upcoming trip can be either the bane of your existence, or the pinnacle of your pre-vacation plans. If you belong to the mortified group of the former, you might want to listen closely. Packing for both short and longer trips can be a pain, and there are endless articles that provide helpful tips on how to reduce space, pack light, and travel smart. But what about your actual wardrobe? You may have already considered climate changes, durable fabrics, etc, etc, but what about pieces that are both stylish and travel resilient? Readying clothes for a long trip doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style. Whenever you shop always look out for online discount deals first as you might be able to save a few pennies! Check out a few of our favorite travel essentials below and let us know your tried & true tips for vacation packing!

Shirt Dresses

Ah, the ever-so-chic shirt dress. Parisienne women have mastered the art of the shirt dress by undoing it’s natural boxiness: leave a button or two undone, choose flowy silhouettes with relaxed fit all the way through. This is a staple in every international girl’s wardrobe for very good reason: it’s airy to wear, lightweight & compact to pack, washes & dries easily, and is layerable in a pinch. For long sleeve options, try a non-button down style to keep it from looking too stiff. A softer fabric with an effortless, asymmetrical hem keeps this look both summery and appropriate in colder temperatures. For short sleeve styles, a through & through button down option plays up the innocence of this look, mixing casual silhouettes with surprising, but understated, details.

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Swing Dresses

Movement and comfort is non-negotiable when it comes to your travel wardrobe. Dresses that inhibit your ability to sit cross legged or scale a long flight of stairs should be left at home. For a dress that moves with you during the day and lets you play at night, opt for a swing dress with some of our favorite trends of the year. A now-classic lace-up is feminine, subtle, and never overdone, whereas an off-the-shoulder style adds a little bit of edge to an otherwise flirty silhouette. Try a simple tank option or a long sleeve with billowed bell sleeves for a hint of drama. Opt for light, peachy color palettes to keep this look fun and feminine. Whether you’re just taking in the sights, going on a cruise, or taking dancing lessons from the locals, a swing dress will withstand your full schedule for as long as you can.

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Simple Bodycon Dresses

Simplicity is every travelling woman’s saving grace. No matter where you’re headed, make sure to pack along a simple bodycon dress in a forgiving, elastic fabric for breathability and ease. Neutrals are definite go-to’s as far as this form fitting basic goes, but stripes and palettes of grey make a great alternative to blacks and whites. A subtle deep cut with a low back or a trendy mock neck in a flexible ribbed fabric make this silhouette interesting and modern. Make sure to choose a dress that has a lot of give (and when I say a lot, I mean a lot) so that you’re not restricted or burning up from heat. Perfect for layering up or down for any season, any time of day, and any time zone.

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Mediterranean-inspired Print Dresses

No matter the destination, Mediterranean-inspired prints are making a huge comeback with its modern ditzy prints and mosaic patterns. Clean, yet intriguing, and ultra-feminine, this print catches the eye without blinding the viewer. Both short hemlines and floor-sweeping maxis look great in this print, and offer a diverse range of varieties! No two prints look alike, so go crazy with it! For starters, we recommend a classic oceanic blue paired with crisp whites, warm ivories, or subtle nudes. Try a simple two piece dress set in an elastic fabric that gives you some breathing room, or a breezy skater dress with intriguing cut outs and halter style necklines.

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