Vienna for Music Lovers

Vienna is a very beautiful place with a rich history and culture. There really is no better city than Vienna for music lovers. For centuries, Vienna has been home to some very talented musicians and performers. Today, the city has something to offer lovers of all kinds of music, both modern and classical.

Below is just an overview of just some of Vienna’s fantastic music experiences and venues.

Vienna – the true home of opera

The history of opera is an interesting one. Since the early 1500s, the Romans enjoyed songs performed complete with elaborate scenery. As a result, many people believe that the Italians are the ones behind this beautiful musical genre. However, history shows us that the Viennese actually played a pivotal role in the development of modern opera. In 1762, the Viennese changed the way opera was performed. They started telling an actual story instead of performing a series of standalone songs. From then on people flocked to the city to see opera performed, and they still do today.

Vienna Operas

There really is nothing quite like seeing opera in Vienna. The acoustics and atmosphere in all three venues are fantastic and the opera companies that perform in the city are world-renowned.

Between April and September, you can also enjoy outdoor performances. Most of these performances take place on the Square outside the State Opera venue. If you want to see these performances, you need to get in quick and book your tickets well in advance. They tend to sell out fast.

Vienna is about far more than opera

When it comes to live music, Vienna has the lot. There are dozens of live music performances of all genres performed in the city. The Vienna Philharmonic performs an eclectic mix of Strauss, Brahms, Mozart and the music by many other composers. Again, the orchestra is world-renowned. A performance by this orchestra is not one you will forget.

Vienna Churches

The city’s churches and concert halls host numerous smaller live music events. These performances may be by lesser known artists and performers, but they are nevertheless good, and, again, something you want to do at least once.

The ball season

You are in for a treat if you are in the city during the ball season. The city is transformed every evening into a fairy tale setting.

Vienna ball season

Between November and January, the streets are thronged with thousands of ball goers dressed in evening dress and glamorous gowns. You do not have to attend a ball yourself to be able to enjoy the magical atmosphere. Just enjoy a drink near one of the major ball venues, relax, and enjoy the show as everyone strolls by in their stunning clothes.

Great festivals and street parties

There are dozens of festivals and street parties held in Vienna each year. The Viennale – Film Festival is always interesting and is very popular.


The open-air festival called the Donauinselfest is an interesting music festival. Each year this small island is transformed into one huge music venue with up to 19 stages hosting music acts from across the world.