Ways to save for you travels

You should always dream big when it comes to travelling the world. There’s some many amazing places to visit, you shouldn’t let a little thing like money get in the way of your next big adventure! It can be tough raising the money needed but there are plenty of ways you can save up and invest in life-changing memories that only travel can create. Here’s a few ideas that might make your next trip a reality.

Stop buying, start selling

We live in a very material world, constantly bombarded with adverts telling us to buy buy buy! Nothing will give you quite as much joy as travelling the world so you really don’t need any of that stuff. You’ll be surprised how just stopping buying material goods will save you a fortune. You can’t take it travelling with you so why buy it? No doubt your house is full of stuff anyway and there are many places online that can help you sell all the unnecessary clutter you’ve accumulated over the years. eBay is a great place to go to sell any collectables you have. Gumtree is perfect for furniture. Getting rid of material possessions you really don’t need is a very liberating experience, not to mention it’ll help tidy your house up and even save on storage costs if your dream trip involves packing everything up.


Win money

While its not guaranteed of course there are plenty of websites you can go to that you can try your luck and possibly win that extra cash you need. From poker and gaming sites to the lottery and bingo sites. If you’ve got a little cash to spend set yourself a budget and stick to it. Some sites require deposits but not all. Click here for no deposit bingo and you never know, it might just give you the cash boost you need for your travels. At the very least you’ll have some fun and it could turn your vacation dreams in to reality. Just remember there’s no guarantee you will win so play responsibly.

Bingo games

Credit card 0% on new purchases

We’ve heard this one plenty of times. Its not strictly a way to make extra money but can at least give you a deferred loan that means you can pay back the cost of your dream holiday once you get back. Many credit cards offer 0% interest on new purchases for a limited time. Its easy to hunt around online and compare a few, even apply online too. You can then purchase your flights, hotels, etc with the card and know you’ll have a few months (sometimes up to a year) to pay back the full cost. After which time they will start charging you interest. You have to be very organised with your finances of course but this can definitely help the cash flow issues you may face when travelling. Worth looking in to online.

0% new purchases credit card

Earn extra money online

Everyone has skills that can be put to good use online. From simple admin tasks to more creative earning options, you’ll be surprised how much you can earn working from home in your spare time. If you have any computer skills head over to sites like UpWork.com and earn extra money taking on admin tasks, finance jobs and even website development projects. If you can do something creative then try fiverr.com which is great for sharing your skills. Working online in your spare time involves very little extra costs to you. Definitely something to think about if you’re keen to get travelling!

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