Where should I go on holiday in 2016?

2016 will undoubtably be a big year for travel with more places to stay, things to do and reasons to go than ever before. With so much to choose from its hard to narrow down your choices sometimes so we’ve put together a definitive list of the places we think you should visit in 2016 and why.


Most people think Singapore is just the place you catch you connecting flight on to somewhere else. This tiny island nation has a lot more to offer tourists than you might think. In a land mass covering just 718 square kilometres, its a busy, vibrant place with endless new construction and lush green parks. With a population of 5.5 million there’s a lot to see and do here including a night safari, theme parks, the world’s tallest infinity pool, a huge casino, plenty of parks worth exploring and some great water sports as well like wake boarding. The climate here is a constant 31C and very humid outside, with plenty of chilly air conditioned shopping malls to help you cool down. We’ve spent weeks here and always found great new tourist things to do all over town. Its also a fantastic hub for much of Asia so very easy to spend a week in Singapore and another in Bali, Thailand or Malaysia. Definitely worth considering in 2016.

Singapore holidays


Always high on our list, Australia is a fantastic place to take a road trip and is well equipped for tourists too. Pick up a campervan after you land and take to the highways. We can recommend flying in to Sydney and heading either north to Brisbane or south to Melbourne. Both fantastic coastal journeys on fairly quiet roads and plenty of tourist routes as too.

Australia holidays 2016

New Zealand

Another great place for a road trip and judging by the thousands of campervans on the roads it seems most tourists travel this way too. The two main islands offer a very different experience with beautiful mountain ranges on the south and rolling green hills on the north. Queenstown is definitely a great place to start on the South Island with truly stunning scenery and plenty of activities to keep you busy. Check out the vineyards of the Marlborough region for some award winning wine.  Our favourite place has always been Wellington with some great museums, great food and easy to get around. A must for 2016!

New Zealand 2016

Great Britain

We might be bias but we adore team GB! For such a small country it sure does pack a punch with plenty of historic cities worth visiting and lots of activities no matter what you’re in to. Take in a show at the west end of London, visit the lake district or highlands of Scotland for epic countryside views. Watch an English Premier league match at one of the many famous football clubs, or maybe even a night out at the Bingo! A fun past time for many locals, if you’ve never played before have a go at some mobile bingo at Gonebingo.co.uk. You never know you might just win! Highlights of the UK include Shakespeare’s house in Stratford-upon-avon, plenty of cosy english country pubs. Bliss! Just remember to pack an umbrella!

Great Britain vacations 2016


The friendly people of Canada welcome you with open arms and if you’ve not been to this huge country before then make 2016 the year you do. Vancouver on the west coast is routinely voted the best place to live in the world and the Canadian Rockies are breathtakingly beautiful. You can check out the Northern Lights further north too and maybe take in a game of Ice Hockey while you’re visiting! Toronto is well worth a visit with some great districts worth hanging out in. Niagara Falls isn’t too far away from here and the views from the Canadian side are far better than those on the US side!