Why you must take a smartphone with you when you go abroad

Nowadays, most people have smartphones. The technological era has seen mobile phones transform into incredible, high-speed machines that you can use to play online blackjack or other casino games at Betway, video call via Skype and much more.

In fact, there are probably hundreds of reasons why you should invest in a smartphone – with all of these reasons escalated even further when you travel to other countries on a regular basis. Here’s why you MUST take a smartphone with you when you abroad.


Without a doubt, a smartphone is a necessity in case of emergency situations. On smartphones, you have the ability to log in via WiFi portals, take advantage of 3G/4G signals around the world and contact anyone within a matter of seconds – including emergency services.

Take your iPhone on vacation

It sounds very sensible but the ability to contact emergency services is enhanced in foreign countries. If nothing else, it gives peace of mind to you, your family and your friends when travelling around in unknown areas. Although you can contact emergency services via a bog-standard phone, smartphones are much better at picking up signal – especially on foreign soil.

Online Games

Mobile phone applications are incredibly popular and there are plenty of online games available. Whether you’re a first-person shooter fan or a sport aficionado, there’s something for everybody and you should be sure to download a few before your ventures. If nothing else, these can keep you entertained whilst en route to your destination.

Should I travel with my smartphone?

Even whilst you’re away, online games will come in handy from time-to-time. If you’re unlucky with the weather, you can play online blackjack at Betway’s website to pass the time or simply relax and talk with your loved ones. By the same token, you can continue to play your favourite games at night as a way of winding down before bed!

Finding restaurants and eateries

Nowadays, nobody uses maps – they have an app for that. There are plenty of different apps for finding nice, local restaurants for a tasty meal in the evening after a day of sightseeing. Whether you want Italian, Chinese, Indian or regional cuisine, you can find all of that information via an app, such as Local Eats.

Find restaurants with smartphone

In addition, you can check out the nearest bars and nightclubs – or other similar establishments. Essentially, some form of map for food and drink is what you’re looking for… why else would you be on holiday, right?!