How to Winter Proof Your Holiday Home


Here are some tips for winter proofing your holiday home:

1. Upgrade Your Roof

During the winter months many cabin roofs collapse under heavy loads of snow, ice and flying debris that can land on roofs during heavy storms. In light of this you should check and upgrade your cabin’s roof.

Some signs that you roof needs repair include:

  • Sagging in some sections,
  • Leaks,
  • Dark spots,
  • Rot or mould.

If the roof is over fifteen years old, then you should replace it regardless.

2. Get A New Heater

One of the most important steps to winter proofing your cabin home is to repair or replace faulty heaters. During the spring and summer months, you should check your heater to see if there are any problems with it to avoid serious issues in the winter. Pay particularly close attention if your heater is over ten years old.

3. Purchase Heavy Curtains

Heavy curtains work well for insulating your cabin home during the winter months; they are very effective at keeping the heat in your home. Thermal insulated curtains are the best in this respect, and you can actually save quite a lot on energy bills by installing them.

4. Cut Down Very Tall Trees and Large Branches

Log cabins are often surrounded by tall trees and dormant branches. So when you winter proof your holiday home for this winter season, it is important to cut down these trees and branches. Because when storms ravage the area those trees and branches may land on your home. This can cause severe damage to your cabin and may injure those inside.

Toboggan Outside our Cabin.

5. Gutters Should Be Cleaned

Another step you should step to ensure that your cabin is winter ready is to clean the gutters at least three to four months before the start of winter. When there is debris all over the gutters it will be hard for the snow and ice to drain through, which can cause problems with your roofing.

In conclusion, winter proofing your cabin home protects your dwelling and those inside. It will also reduce high energy bills. Winter proofing also keeps the cold air out, so there is every reason to take action on the steps outlined in this article.

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