Advantages of Furnished Short-Term Rentals in Munich

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Whether you are planning an extended stay in Munich, or visiting it for a few days , you will notice that property prices are high and the living expenses are way too much. If you plan on staying for a short period of time, then it is a good idea to consider furnished short-term rentals in Munich.  Here are some of the advantages of choosing a furnished rental over a non-furnished one:

Hassle-Free Moving

The best part about choosing a furnished rental is that you don’t have to take your things with you. This is a great option for people who are constantly on the go, as furnished rentals have all the necessary furniture and other amenities, which is why one only has to pack their bags and move.

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You Can Customize Things

Some people think that you can’t customize furnished short-term rentals in Munich. This is not true; as you can always add additional decorative items, take your own bed sheets, and luxury decorative pillows to give your temporary home a more personal touch. If the rental displays some artwork that you do not like, then you can take it off and display your own. Just make sure that your landlord is okay with the changes that you are making, and that you leave the house in perfect condition when moving out.

It Will Help Save Money, Time, and Energy

Furnished houses save you from the hassle of packing all your belongings, unpacking them and rearranging them in a completely new space. All you have to do is unpack your personal belongings and give the rental a more personalized touch.

No Need for Decoration

Decorating a new place requires a lot of time and effort. You may not like a few things about the rental, but it is better than spending thousands on new decorative items.

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Shorter Leases

Furnished rentals have shorter leases than non-furnished ones, since people only need to live there for a few months. Unfurnished houses usually have a minimum one-year lease, which may not be feasible for a lot of people.


If you have a tough schedule, and are always busy due to work or classes, then go for furnished rentals as chances are that you won’t have time for packing and unpacking things. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to leave the space when you decide to move out.

One additional advantage of opting for a furnished rental is that you can choose one according to your taste. If you want to live in a rental that has a vintage décor, then you can do so without spending a lot of money.