Bra?ov Black Church

Bra?ov Black Church

Black Church

Bra?ov Black Church, front view.

The Black Church (Biserica Neagr?) is a 14th century, Gothic style, Lutheran church in Bra?ov (Transylvania, Romania), right next to Central Square (Pia?a Sfatului).

Church tower

Church tower and clock.

Black Church tower

Black Church tower, West side.

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    1. Adrian

      Thanks, Will!

      Since Dracula was a fictional character, I guess he might have hanged out just about anywhere 🙂
      However, I’m not so sure if Vlad ?epe? (Vlad the Impaler, the prince of Wallachia, who inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula novel) used to visit this church often, considering his frequent conflicts with Transylvanian boyars.

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