The Neptune Fountain at Schönbrunn Palace

Neptune statue at Neptunbrunnen
The fountain was built in the 18th century, during the reign of Maria Theresia.

The Neptune Fountain (Neptunbrunnen) from Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna is located at the foot of the Gloriette hill and depicts the scene where Thesis – the sea goddess – asks Neptune – the sea god – to allow a safe voyage for her son Achilles, who was preparing for war with the Trojans.

Neptune statue at Neptunbrunnen
Neptune group of statues at Neptunbrunnen in Vienna, Austria.

The Neptune group of statues consists of the statue of Neptune himself – standing in a shell chariot and holding his trident -, the one of Thesis, as well as those of mythical creatures like tritons, sea-horses and nymphs.

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