Sibiu For Best City 2013

Sibiu City Hall and Roman Catholic Parish Church
City Hall and Roman Catholic Parish Church in Sibiu's Big Square.

Update – April 2nd 2013: Sibiu has won the Best City To Visit in 2013 Travel Tournament! This is a great victory for both Romanian cities that competed in the final round – Sibiu and Bucharest – and, as Romanians, we couldn’t be happier! Thank you for your votes! Well done, Romania!

Update – March 26th 2013: Sibiu is in the Final Round of the Best City To Visit in 2013 Travel Tournament, fighting for the title with the other Romanian city in the tournament – the capital city, Bucharest.
Romania will have a winner at the end of this year’s tournament, thanks to fellow Romanian bloggers who have put an admirable effort into showing people the beauties of these two cities and convinced them that Sibiu and Bucharest deserve to be in the final.
We invite you to go to the voting page here and vote for your favorite city.
Our vote goes to our own nominee, Sibiu. If you have the same favorite, don’t forget to share your vote via Twitter and Facebook using this hashtag: #SibiuForBestCity2013

Update March 21st 2013: Sibiu is in the Final Four Round of the Best City To Visit in 2013 Travel Tournament, competing against Buenos Aires! Go to the voting page here and vote for Sibiu. We’re just one step from the final!

We’re very proud to let you know that one of our favorite cities in the world, Sibiu, has made it through to the Elite 8 stage of the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament hosted by foXnoMad website and we want to encourage you to go ahead and place your votes for the current round (if you haven’t done so yet). You can find out more about this competition as well as vote for your favorite city here:

Sibiu Potters’ Tower - medieval fortification.

We’ve nominated Sibiu back in February because we felt that a city so wonderful as the former European Capital of Culture from 2007 deserves a better social media exposure (this is an example of the media exposure the winner can benefit off), and we were amazed by the way the Romanian social media has mobilized in supporting our cause, propelling Sibiu to this stage of the competition.
Sibiu literally crushed every opponent so far: 12 – 7 against Shanghai in the 1st round, 535 – 84 against Barcelona in 2nd round, 349 – 29 against Florence in 3rd round and 401 – 36 against Paris in 4th round.

The hashtag we’ve created to help support Sibiu through this travel tournament, #SibiuForBestCity2013, has been quickly adopted by social media and we feel this is the way to bring even more people to vote by the end of the competition. That’s why we encourage everyone to use it when they tweet / share / post about the competition.

For those of you who haven’t yet been to Sibiu, we’ve selected the following series of photos that we want to share with you.
Here is why we think Sibiu deserves to be the best city to visit in 2013:

Fireworks in the Big Square, Sibiu.
Fireworks in the Big Square, Sibiu – by Sebastian Marcovici

Summer fun in Sibiu
Summer fun in Sibiu – by Sebastian Marcovici

Snowboarder – by Sebastian Marcovici

Beer festival in Sibiu
Beer festival in Sibiu – by Sebastian Marcovici

Cycling fans
Cycling fans – by Sebastian Marcovici

Time for a snack
Time for a snack – by Sebastian Marcovici
(Photos by Sebastian Marcovici > via

Christmas Market in Sibiu
Christmas Market in Sibiu – from Bianca Tripon’s Gallery on Picasa

Cobbled Streets
Cobbled Streets – by cotropitor, on Flickr

Sibiu downtown by liviu.suciu, on Flickr

City View / Sibiu
City View / Sibiu by FOREVER CARDON, on Flickr

The Big Square (Piata Mare) Sibiu
The Big Square (Piata Mare) Sibiu – by Adrian Banu on Instagram

Sibiu's Lutheran Cathedral
Sibiu’s Lutheran Cathedral – by Adrian Banu on Instagram

House on Mitropoliei Street
House on Mitropoliei Street – by Adrian Banu on Instagram

If we have convinced you, here’s what you have to do next:

  1. Go to the competition’s homepage ( and place your vote for Sibiu.
  2. Press Tweet and/or Like right below the voting button, and don’t forget to add the #SibiuForBestCity2013 hashtag to your tweet / facebook share.
  3. Follow the competition in the next rounds as well and vote for Sibiu again.
  4. If you have a nice picture from Sibiu that you want to share with us, simply add your comment in the comments field below and copy the link to your picture from Sibiu. We will select the best pictures we receive and include them here.
  5. Share this article with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and add the #SibiuForBestCity2013 hashtag to your tweet / facebook share.

A big THANK YOU goes out to all of you who have supported both Romanian cities during this campaign, through blog posts, facebook shares, tweets etc: Imperator Travel, Chinezu, Mirel Matyas, Dana Ilie, CeMerita, Elena Ciric,, Adevarul, Realitatea, Viajoa, Turist in Tara Mea, Ciprian Caraba, Aliceee, Roxana Ilie, Drum Liber, Pitici dar Voinici, Camelia Lazar, Si Blondele Gandesc, Meseria de Parinte, Bucuresti Tourneo, Delia, Standout, Academia Catavencu, Cristina Bazavan, Bobby Voicu, The Bucharest Lounge, Lucian Hirsu, @SorinGrumazescu, @ContiHotels, @Muzachan, @PamilVisions, @ioangreavu, @CautPensiuni. Of course, there are many others who have made their contribution to this amazing result and we want to thank them all, so please accept our apologies if we can’t include everyone in this list. Thank you all!

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