Volunteering in Ghana

A Chance to Learn and Help

Elephants in Ghana
Elephants at Mole National Park (photo credit: projects-abroad-pro.org).

Ghana is a really interesting destination for anyone looking at volunteering in Africa. It is one of Africa’s most stable countries and has the added attraction of being an English speaking country. In this guide you will find different volunteering projects available in Ghana and what you can expect from them.

Volunteer as a lawyer

If you’ve studied law and want to further your career, working with lawyers in Ghana will really help. You’ll get the opportunity to work on human rights cases in areas such as research, social justice or legal services. This is your chance to work with skilled and experienced human rights lawyers in a different culture.

During your time volunteering you’ll not only pick up new skills to help in your career but you will also be making a difference to people’s lives.

Get involved in environmental science work

Farmer intercropped Cassia siamea and Moringa in Nkwaeso
Farmer intercropped Cassia siamea and Moringa in Nkwaeso by treesftf, on Flickr

There is opportunity for anyone interested in Environmental Science to work on volunteer programmes in Ghana. You’ll need to have studied before or be able to demonstrate a level of skill to be able to sign up for this placement.

As with the human rights projects, this is an opportunity to help make a difference as the projects aim to improve farming in Ghana. Carrying out soil testing in laboratories helps find the best ways to assist Ghanaian farmers to grow their crops.

Work in physiotherapy

Ghana by Rachel Strohm, on Flickr

If you’ve got knowledge of physiotherapy you can use this to help local staff provide care for the Ghanaian community. Volunteers have the chance to help identify injuries, treat patients and set up rehabilitation programmes. Projects exist all over the country and are run in different settings, including care centres and standard hospitals.

Teach children with learning difficulties

You can volunteer to work with children with learning difficulties if you have qualified teacher status, the ability to sign or have previous experience. This is a unique opportunity where you can really impact children’s everyday lives, develop your own skills and come away from it with rewarding memories.

Provide assistance in social work

Young Boy with Pot and Pail - Busua - Ghana
Young Boy with Pot and Pail - Busua - Ghana by Adam Jones, Ph.D. - Global Photo Archive, on Flickr

Social work opportunities are available in Ghana, both for graduates and experienced professionals on a career break. Ghana has problems with child trafficking and domestic violence and you’ll be able to assist experienced workers in these areas. You can find out more about social work projects in Ghana on sites like www.projects-abroad-pro.org.

There are plenty of volunteering opportunities in Ghana, as you can see from the above information. It’s a vibrant country and you’ll really get a once in a lifetime experience when you take part in a project.

It’s your chance to see and do something new, get away from the UK and make a difference to people’s lives. If you fancy it or just want to know more, you can get more information here.


*This post was brought to you by Projects Abroad PRO, an organization that encourages voluntary work abroad by graduates, professionals on a career break and retired seniors.

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