Glamorous group travel destinations

Going on a solo adventure or with another person can be enjoyable and relaxing, but some holidays are best experienced with a group. Not only is group travel normally more affordable, but the activities that you’ll partake in are more fun with friends.

It also means that you’ll be given the opportunity to make memories with the people who you love, and you’ll get to reminisce and share them over and over again once you get back home. While planning can be tricky, seeing as everyone might want to do something different, once you settle on a destination and itinerary, you’ll have the option to do things on your own or with everyone – making it a timeless vacation that you’ll remember forever.

We’ve searched the globe for the most glamorous destinations you can travel to with a group of your friends that offers endless possibility and excitement!

Thanda Island, Tanzania

The only thing better than experiencing the luxurious seclusion of Thanda Island as a couple is experiencing it with a group of friends and loved ones. You can organize a group package that adds value to your perfect holiday, at a remote luxury island paradise nestled within Tanzania’s Shungimbili Island Marine Reserve.

With so much to see and do, you can divide and conquer and focus on what you prefer to do each day. For absolute relaxation, you can visit the picturesque beach or become rejuvenated at their spa. For the more adventurous in your group, swim with placid whale sharks and sea turtles. Finally, take in the sunshine (and sunset) with a yacht trip or Arabian dhow ride in the largest marine protected reserve in the Indian Ocean.

Franschhoek, South Africa

Travel to South Africa’s Western Cape and experience the centuries old colonial wine farms in Franschhoek. While the award-winning wines are the main draw card for many, wine tasting isn’t all they have on offer, which offers variety and a touch of class to your group stay.

Get taken on a guided tour of the farm where you’ll learn all about its history, go wine tasting where the food that pairs the wine is unparalleled in its quality, or go horseback riding or for a ride on the mountain bike trails for a whole new adventure you may not have had before.

Phuket, Thailand

There is a reason why tourism, especially in groups, in Thailand has rapidly spiked over the years to make it a premier destination for many travel-goers. Compared to many other destinations it is relatively cheap, and Phuket offers you diverse experiences that suit just about everyone.

Phuket is renowned for its tours of the ancient temples and the giant Buddha where you’ll experience Thailand’s rich history and spend the day exploring – but if you aren’t up to it, then simply head to the beach and chill on the white sands all day. As other islands are just a ferry ride away, you’ll also get the opportunity to adventure in Phang Nga Bay, Phi Phi and the Similan Islands. And for the party people, well, you’ll find Bangla Road fulfills all your hedonistic desires!

Sao Paulo, Brazil

If you want energy and that party atmosphere, then no other place in the world does it like Brazil. The vibrancy and color that emanates from every inch of Sao Paulo has to be felt in person. With famous dances like the samba, you and your group of friends will be partying non-stop until the sun rises, it also helps that everything only gets going much later than you’d normally be used to.

Fans of food and architecture will also be treated to their own paradise in Mercadão, with historic buildings and markets selling authentic cuisine dotting the streets. And if you would like to take it outdoors, then Parque do Ibirapuera has been rated one of the world’s best urban parks. This is all only a glimpse of Sao Paulo, Latin America’s largest city.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Group holidays are normally reserved for experiencing new and exciting adventures with your friends, and chances are that most of you would not have made the trip over to Iceland to experience this spectacular part of the world.

At the top of everyone’s list should be taking the time to see the ethereal and mystical Northern Lights with the beautiful colors of the aurora. After that, the Skansen-style open-air museum, Árbæjarsafn, that sheds light on the customs, work and home life of previous generations should be on your list. Finally, after touring the countryside and taking in the urban architecture, take in a concert in Harpa. Iceland offers a unique travel experience in this wonderland that oozes culture.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Commonly known for its Red Light District, nightlife and “coffee shops”, this isn’t the only reason why tourists flock to Amsterdam. If that’s all you crave from it then have at it, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of other experiences that make it a unique European city.

For the art fundis, Jordaan is packed with galleries, antique stores and restaurants and bars to meet a few locals and other tourists; and there is also the Museumplein with Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum. You can also always catch the ferry for the day or visit Anne Frank’s house, among many other attractions that will help you fall in love with the culture of the city you may not have originally realized was there before.