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How Football Players Travel, The Attraction of The Premier League

Over the last 30 years in the world of soccer, the league that has been considered the ‘best’ of its time, has frequently changed. During the early 90s, it was the Italian Serie A that was considered the best; in the noughties, it was Spain’s La Liga, and right now it is the Premier League. In fact, if you look at sites like https://www.bestcasinositesonline.com/real-money-casinos/, you’ll see that it is English clubs that are most likely at winning the Champions League this season, a good metric for gauging where the best league is. Another good barometer is looking at where foreign players want to go, and here is why. 

South American Approach 

There is no doubt that South American countries have some very highly talented individuals, but their leagues on the whole really can’t compare with the big European leagues. On top of this, the amount of money for salaries just isn’t there in South America when compared with Europe. This is exactly why the very best South Americans will make their way to the best leagues in Europe once there is interest. Over the years the destination has been Italy, Germany, or Spain, currently, though, it is England that is attracting the biggest talents from this corner of the world. 

Power of Football

England has not always been an attractive place for foreign players, mainly because of the weather and the language. This is why more prefer to go to the likes of Italy and Spain, as they are able to offer something a little more attractive. In recent years however, such has been the high quality of football being played in England, foreign players are happy to make a life in England, given what they can look forward to from a footballing perspective. 

Lowering Percentages

Some don’t like this statistic but the reality is that English players make up just 36% of all players in the Premier League. This showcases just how attractive the league is for foreign players.  In contrast, Italy has around 55% of Italians in its top league and Spain has some 58% of Spaniards playing in its elite league. Those who don’t like this statistic are those who wish to see the English national team do well, and fewer options obviously impact this. These figures do show just how attractive the Premier League is amongst foreign talent. 

Cheaper Option 

Whilst there is no doubt that the Premier League is currently the best in Europe, and possibly the world, there is another reason why more foreigners are purchased here. This is largely down to the fact that there is a premium placed on English talent. Unfortunately, this means that so many home-grown players are never able to reach the peak of their talent because they are priced out of the market. When clubs look for new players they don’t just flip a coin or play pokies online to make their choice, they research all aspects and price is so often one of the most important areas to consider.  This is another factor in why so many foreigners play in the Premier League. 

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why players travel in the way that they do when looking for a new club.