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Which Types of App Should You Use When Traveling?

The technology which we have now in the palm of our hands is incredible and for travelers the number of applications which we can now depend can significantly improve your overall travel experience. Regardless of what phone you use or which apps are your favorite, in each branch of phone applications which can help travelers, there are a number of fantastic options available to us. Using a phone app can save you time, money and it can also enhance your overall travel experience, and here are the types of app which you should look to download.


As much as we can get a little too used to the idea that so many people around the world speak English, there are always some moments where nobody does, and you need to survive. Whether asking for some food, navigating your way around the city or seeking help, running into the language barrier can make things tricky. There are many apps out there which you can use to translate and you need one of these on your phone before you leave home. Try to use an app which has voice translation as well as a dictionary option. 

Trip Planning 

When you have a number of planes, buses, hotel reservations and plans to take care of, it can be easy to lose track of times, dates and locations, especially if there are time differences between your destinations. The easiest way to manage this is to use a trip planning application, which will keep all of your dates and important information stored. Most of these apps can be linked to your email address so whenever you get a confirmation, it will load instantly into your app. Avoid messing up your dates or missing a flight with a trip planning app which can help you manage your journey. 

Currency Converter

A currency converter is going to be a key tool for you to use and it can greatly help you avoid overpaying for things when you are on the road. This is especially helpful if you are traveling to multiple countries with different currencies, as it can be difficult to stay on top of how much your dollars are worth. Try to download an app which updates in real time when connected to the web, so that you have the most up to date conversion. 


It is nice to go for a wander and just get lost in a new destination, but more often than not we need to know exactly where we are going, and that calls for a map. Interactive maps are not just worthwhile to help you get to where you are going, they also offer options o find attractions nearby, amenities and other points of interest. Be sure that you choose a map application which will still track your location via GPS even when there is no internet connection, this way you can load up your route when you have wifi, and still follow it when you have no signal or data. 

This is the basic app toolkit for travelers, be sure that you download these types of apps before you leave home, they will be worth it.