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Men’s Guide to What to Clothes to Take When Going Traveling  

Packing to hit the road is far from easy because you have a small bag and you have to take clothing for just about every occasion which you can think of. Unfortunately you are going to have be ruthless here when packing as you simply don’t have the space for your entire wardrobe. The more you take the more you have to carry, and there are so many situations when traveling where the last thing you need is having to lug 30kg of clothing options around. The key is to focus on multi-functional clothing, easy to wash clothing and clothing which is light and compact. 


 As much as you’d like to take away a pair of dress shoes, a couple of pairs of trainers and maybe some boat shoes, you just won’t have the space in your bag. Flip-flops are going to become your new best friend, they work in almost all situations, they are waterproof and they can be easily packed. Instead of some smart shoes it is best to take 2 pairs of trainers, some for getting rough and ready, and another smarter pair which can be used in many situations. 


Shorts are a perfect option for travelers as they can be worn in just about all conditions, even if it is raining you can get away with shorts, especially as skin dries quicker than fabric. You will of course want some trousers every now and again, so try to get yourself some trousers with a detachable leg, which can convert them to shorts and visa-versa. Try to avoid taking jeans as they are heavy and take up a lot of space, not to mention a nightmare to dry. I would say to take no more than 2 pairs of trousers and perhaps 3/4 pairs of shorts for your trip. 

Upper Body 

In terms of what kind of t-shirts to take, the best advice here is to choose some which are made with a flexible fabric that means you can pack up these t-shirts tightly in your bag, taking up less space. You will have to think about a jumper or a hoody for when it gets cold and depending on where you are going you may have to bite the bullet and get something chunky, which will take up space in the bag. You can often carry around a large sweater or hoody, and you can also use it as a pillow when traveling. 


A waterproof jacket such as a poncho is going to be the best idea here, they bundle up tight and small making them easy to transport, and they will keep both you and your kit dry. A wet bag is a nightmare as it adds weight and makes your clothes smell, so a poncho can help to protect your gear as well as you. 

Fashion may have to take a backseat when you go traveling, your focus should be on clothing which is functional, flexible and lightweight.