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Tips on How to Enjoy Street Food Around The World

Street food is often where you will find the best local delicacies around the world, and more often than not you’ll also find the more traditional plates of a region being sold on the street. This type of food can be very cheap to buy and if you get it right, incredibly delicious. Sadly in many countries around the world which do have epic street food, there is a risk which tourists run by eating this food, such as food poisoning or upset stomachs. The last thing you need when you are traveling is a bout of food-related illness, so it is important to buy from the right place, and here are some tips on doing so.


Wandering through somewhere like Mexico City you are going to find a plethora of street food stalls selling all manner of delicious meals, so how do you pick one which tastes best and which you can enjoy without the risk of illness? One of the first things which you should look out for is how many people are eating there. The same goes for street food stands around the world, if there are people queuing up then this is usually a good indicator that the food on offer is tasty and safe. 

Type of Food

The type of food which you are buying is also important when selecting a decent street food vendor. The main cause of illness from these places is poorly cared for meat, which can often be left unrefrigerated for hours before it is cooked. If however you are going to be eating something like a quesadilla or some falafel, there is a lower risk of you getting sick, even if the ingredients haven’t been chilled all day. 

Quality of the Setup

One of the best indicators to keep an eye out for is the setup of the street food stand, firstly look at its location, is it close to sewerage drains or trash? If so then you need to avoid such a place. Next look at the quality of the hotplate, the structure and the way in which they are storing things, if it is all battered and beaten up then you can probably expect them to care for food in the same way, so be sure to avoid them. Finally take a look and see how they are chilling their food, if the setup looks clean and well maintained, and there is efforts being made to keep things cool, this is the type of spot to try out. 

Watch the Salad

Although meat is often the biggest cause of illnesses, you should also pay close attention to any salad or raw veg which is being added to the dish. When not properly cared for, foods like lettuce, tomatoes and other greens can very easily attract bacteria which will make you very ill. In the case of vegetables, they too can pick up all kinds of dirt and bacteria because of the way which they are treated in transit, and will have to be washed first. If you are in any doubt then don’t run the risk. 

Be attentive and trust your instincts, if it doesn’t look or smell right, don’t eat it.