September 4, 2019 0 Comments Activities, Tips

How to Find a Date When You Are On The Road 

Traveling can play havoc with your love life, especially given that most people on the road are not in a place long enough to really form a foundation with someone to start a relationship. In spite of this however it is still great to meet someone, enjoy their company and maybe even spend a couple of nights together. Most people at work, or because of where they live, a luxury which travelers don’t have, so how do you find yourself a date when you are on the road? Here are some tips on doing just that. 

Download an App

Don’t forget that we are living in the digital age and as such there is normally a technological solution to any problems which you may have, including finding a date. Some dating apps are actually aimed at travelers, others are generally dating apps which will help you to find someone nearby, who may just be interested in spending time with you. Be sure that you are clear on your profile about the fact that you’ll be moving on soon, so that everyone can see that you are not looking for something long-term.

Be Outgoing 

Whilst dating apps can help in this kind of situation, there is a school of thought which suggests that the way in which we use technology has reduced our ability to strike up a conversation with someone. This organic way of meeting people is often much better than something which has been preordained on your cellphone, so get out there and start talking to people. Don’t fear rejection here, simply chat to people in bars, restaurants, cafes or museums, and see how you get on.


There are a number of websites which seek to bring like-minded people together and you can take advantage of this opportunity to meet some cool people who are just like you. Whether it is a language exchange meet-up, a movie meet-up or a travelers meet-up, get yourself in there and start to chatting to the rest of the group. You will find that this is both a great way to meet new people, and it may just give you the chance to find yourself a date.


The chances of meeting someone for the first time and them instantly wanting a date is slim, so it is better that you have seen this person a couple of times first, and confirmed their interest. With this in mind it makes sense that during your short stay in a particular destination, that you try to get into a little bit of a routine. This can be as simple as visiting the same coffee shop for a couple of hours each day. You will catch glances, you will see the same people, and this can not only help you to increase your chances of getting a date, but it also serves as a good ice-breaker. 

Be confident and seek out people looking for fun, that is the best course of action to get yourself a date when you are traveling.